Transmission of Design for Change to the FI Schools in Panay Island

The group (Sr. Emelinda Falsis, FI., Mr. Luis Arabgoso, Mr. Caesar Solas, Mrs. Brenda Garces, and Mrs. Rosalie Idulsa) who attended  the Seminar on Design for Change in Rome, Italy, engaged into the first transmission of Design for Change Project. This was actively participated by the teachers and staff from the five FI schools in Panay island, namely: Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus(Ilo-ilo City), St. Joseph School (Guimaras), Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepcion(Pototan), St. James Catholic High School (Maasin), and Hijas de Jesus School (Estancia).
The atmosphere of excitement and openness exuded from the gracious and responsive participants. Sr Lyn opened the transmission by sharing to the group the invitation from Mother General Sr. Ma. Inez Furtado, FI.   wherein she called for us to provide spaces for encounter, forge a culture of sharing, and take concrete steps towards networking to collaborate for education for universal Christian humanism. Then Mr. Luis Arangoso shed light on the points  emphasized in the Holy Father’s encyclical letter, Laudato Si”, Care for our Common Home. He clarified to the group the principles from the said encyclical which served as inspiration for giving a Christian spin on the Design for Change framework, using the set of processess within this framework to address our global environmental concerns and problems.
It was followed by Mrs. Brenda Garces who introduced the Design for Change(DFC) as an international movement as well as a model and approach spawned by design thinking.   She pointed out the significance of DFC  in  providing opportunities for students to be on the frontline and become initiators of solutions to local and global problems, providing them opportunities to develop 21st century skills. She discussed the DFC structure/steps. The Mr. Caesar Solas conducted a very engaging workshop with the teachers and staff, focusing on the concern of garbage. Mr. Solas navigated with the group, leading them to go hands on into the five-step DFC framework – FEEL, IMAGINE, DO, EVOLUATE,  and SHARE. The different groups’ teamworks resulted to very creative and interesting prototype outputs using the re-used and recycled materials from the garbage that the different schools brought in as priorly assigned. The test run workshop was followed by another two workshops facilitated by Mrs. Rosalie Idulsa, where teachers and staff were grouped according to their school. The first workshop was for IMAGINE stage which was  intended for the teachers and staff to look into other environmental concerns in their respective school context which they are called to focus. Then they moved to the second workshop was for the stage FEEL wherein the participants generated an agreed challenge they felt to center their action plans and dedicate their conceived solutions. It was remarkable that the participants were able to produce outputs which included quick-impact and bold ideas,  as well as lasting, progressive, and concrete solutions to their identified challenge.
After the presentation of outputs, a synthesis was given where the beauty and benefits of DFC as framework and set of processes was emphasized. DFC could be used  in both school and community-based projects. This could also be combined with the  hermeneutic cycle of the Social Apostolate. This framework could also serve as platform for institutional planning.
Sr. Lyn closed the transmission encounter   with the question: “Where to go from here?’” She encouraged everyone to set their mind to finish the DFC processess in the respective schools, moving ahead with their plans for the future. She also re-emphasized the call to breed a culture of sharing and networking. She especially invited all schools to go for a global networking using the platform of educarFI which is a cyberspace for sharing updates and resources. The day ended with a joyful note, enthusiasm, and appreciation for this particular encounter and sharing.


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