Sharing Resources, Raising Standards

Last November 10, 2019, Mother General, Sr. Ma. Inez Furtado, F.I. has extended to us the invitation and challenge to create spaces of encounter and culture of sharing. In response to the invitation and challenge,  Sr. Emelinda Falsis, FI. , Mrs. Brenda Garces, and Mrs. Rosalie Idulsa came to Colegio Inmaculada Concepcion, Pototan, Ilo-ilo last January 17, 2019, to share resouces with the teachers. 
Mrs. Brenda Garces facilitated a session that emphasized the importance of daily lesson planning to ensure  good quality classroom instruction born from careful and intentional preparation. She also guided the teachers to see the connection between a good motivation activity and deliberate values integration in the lesson. She emphasized that regular and daily lesson planning gives confidence to the teacher and directs the class to stay on track with the set learning goals.
Mrs. Rosalie Idulsa facilitated the session on Designing Rubrics. In this session, the teachers were led to learn the techniques of designing rubrics for assessing learners’ performance. Well-designed rubrics guarantee objective, reliable, and valid assessments of learning outcomes, pupil/student  performance as well as level of achievement. Mrs. Idulsa stressed the importance of aligning rubrics with the learning targets,  standards, quality of classroom instruction, with consideration of the giftedness and uniqueness of the learners. The teachers produced commendable workshop outputs on designing rubrics. They were open for critiques to improve their designed rubrics.
The whole afternoon sessions were culminated with the challenge and invitation for every teacher to maintain the enthusiasm to continue  raising the teaching and learning standards to unpack every child’s potential for greatness. The teachers were grateful for the sharing of resources.
Rosalie Idulsa
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