Design for Change’ Fires Up the ‘Desire to Connect’

The two-day Seminar on ‘Design for Change’ (DFC) was a beautiful encounter of delegates from different congregations and catholic schools all over the world (November 9-10, 2018). This was participated by representatives from the various educational centers of Hijas de Jesus around the globe:

    • Teresa Ramírez FI (Colombia)
    • Susana Guzmán FI (Bolivia)
    • Fernanda Pereyra (Argentina)
    • Wu Wen Jing Petra FI (Taiwán)
    • Sônia Regina Rosa FI (Brasil)
    • Roberto Cabrera – (Dominican Republic)
    • J. Ignacio Parajó Calvo (Spain)
    • Elena García de la Cera (Spain)
    • Brenda Garces Torres (Philippines)
    • Eleazar Solas Dignadice (Philippines)
    • Emelinda Falsis Correa FI (Philippines)
    • Luis Arangoso (Philippines)
    • Rosalie Idulsa Aledo (Philipines)


The entire seminar unraveled the powerful invitation to look deeply into our hearts and realities, for us to see and say that “we can” do something to equip our youth to become protagonists in the building and re-building of the world in response to the Holy Father’s invitations in his encyclical, “Laudato Si”. This invitation impelled us to contemplate on the centrality of the person of God in all our moves and actions in the DFC.

This framework is a more engaging methodology and pedagogy that will enable our learners to analyze, interpret and understand the realities in our world – society, environment, and human relationships, and become active catalysts and initiators of creative solutions to focused or identified problems.

The DFC project is a set of practical steps of looking at the person of each individual, especially our children and youth, that each of us brings the image of God, hence all of us, especially the young have the power to collaborate to affect and effect change in the world. Patience and faith are needed in going through the DFC steps: 1. Feel | 2. Imagine | 3. Do | 4. Evaluate | 5. Share.

Desire to connect

The learning from the seminar on DFC by the delegates from the different Hijas de Jesus educational centers was deepened in the meeting facilitated by Mother General, Sr. Maria Inez Furtado, F.I. She directed the group to a deeper reflection using the practical steps of the DFC. She engaged the delegates from the various provinces where Hijas de Jesus educational centers are found. She threw the challenge, necessity, and possibility of realizing a dream of networking for universal humanization through education with the objective to determine the primary steps forward towards educational integration networking with all Hijas de Jesus educational centers at a universal level.


The group was able to come up with diverse recommendations to achieve the said objective where the point of convergence was the desire to stay connected, through networking and sharing resources using the Hijas de Jesus international website as a platform. This ignited the enthusiasm to maintain a culture of sharing that transcends diversities and respects contextual realities. The reflective integration was culminated with a joyful note and hope for universalism that is faithful to the spirit and charism of Mother Foundress, St. Candida Maria de Jesus

Rosalie Edulsa



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